Tribes are gatherings of 3-4 men or women who come alongside one another for the purpose of growing as disciples and growing into disciplemakers. The goal is that after a year of intentional growth, encouragment, and accountability, they will each in turn start their own tribe. The following resources coincide with discipleship materials developed by Kyle.

Unit 1, Chapter 1: Trust in, cling to, rely on

  • Read: Authority of Scripture - J. I. Packer
  • Read: Are You a Good Christ? - Francis Chan
  • Watch/Read: Matt Chandler's sermon "Faith / Works"
  • Listen/watch: the amazing story behind "It Is Well With My Soul"
  • Watch: the powerful presentation "The Gospel" by Eric Ludy
  • Listen/read: John Piper's biography of faithful George Mueller

Unit 1, Chapter 2: God is sovereign, holy, and good.

  • Watch: Louie Giglio, "How Great Is Our God" Tour, pt. 1
  • Watch: this great video of Chris Tomlin's song "Indescribable"
  • Listen: to Kyle's message called "elect exiles"
  • Read: the final page of this "How Big Is God?" article
  • Read: this article, "The Goal of God's Love" by John's Piper
  • Read: these verses on God's sovereign grace.

Unit 1, Chapter 3: The Bible is the Word of God.

  • Watch/listen: the song "Word of God Speak" by MercyMe
  • Read: Greg Koukl's article, "Never Read A Bible Verse"

Unit 1, Chapter 4: Jesus is the only way to God.

  • Watch/listen: the song "In Christ Alone"
  • Watch/Read: Matt Chandler's sermon "Faith / Works"
  • Read: the article "Is There More than One Way to God?" 
  • Watch: this powerful animation of "All I Have Is Christ"
  • Listen/watch: John MacArthur's msg, "Is Jesus the Only Way?"
  • Read: the article "Jesus, the Only Way to God" by MacArthur

Unit 1, Chapter 5: We are called to be disciples of Jesus.

  • Watch: the human video acted to the song Everything by Lifehouse
  • Watch: "Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health"
  • Listen/Watch: the song "Christ Is Enough for Me" by Hillsong.
  • Read: this great course on "How to Grow" from Capital Hill B.C.

Unit 1, Chapter 6: Our purpose is making much of God.

  • Listen/Watch: the song "Much of You" by Steven Curtis Chapman.
  • Watch: a powerful clip by Voddie Baucham on "Why Bad Things?"
  • Listen: to John Piper share "Passion for the Supremacy of God."
  • Read/Listen/Watch: Piper's message "Boasting Only in the Cross"

Unit 1, Chap. 7: Our purpose is making disciples of Jesus.

  • Watch: this video about Multiply (w/ David Platt & Francis Chan)
  • Watch: David Platt talk about prioritizing disciplemaking
  • Listen/Watch: the Lecrae/Piper mashup "Don't Waste Your Life"
  • Listen: to David Platt on "Every Disciple Making Disciples"
  • Read: Ogden's "Making Disciples Jesus' Way: A Few at a Time"

Unit 2

  • Watch: and learn with the Books of the Bible song by Bigsby
  • Watch/Listen: John Piper "Why We Believe the Bible" (part 1)
  • Listen/Watch/Study: David Platt on "How to Study the Bible"
  • Order: your own copy of "Herman Who" with Todd Friel
  • Read: D.A. Carson's devotional "For the Love of God" which is a companion to Robert Murray McCheyne's Bible Reading Plan.
  • Read: Authority of Scripture by J. I. Packer

Other resources...

Read: John Piper's ANTHEM strategies for fighting lust