Casa Gabriel

Ten years ago mission workers Phil and Debbie began inviting boys who were living on the streets to their house to eat pizza and talk about God, and in 2005 they opened Casa Gabriel, which has been a home for numerous boys who have been able to finish high school and become disciple-makers, trusting in God's love and truth which has been lived out for them. 

I was the Administrative Assistant for Casa Gabriel, a home for boys who were living on the streets due to poverty. The mission of this home is not only to provide education, food, and shelter, but to make disciples and future disciple-makers who will go out and impact their community for Christ. I helped with finances, events, email updates, and assisting the Director, Phil Douce, with many other day-to-day tasks. However my favorite part was getting to know the boys as a sister in Christ, whether while going to church with them, having family dinner with them and the Douces, cooking, discussing spiritual issues, or just talking with them when I go to the house to give money to the Academic Coordinator and others. The house can hold up to 12 boys at a time. I love that God gave me 5 brothers in Texas, and now I have many more in Ecuador. Seeing the boys grow into Christian leaders is amazing. There can be setbacks and lots of tough love, though from living on the streets amid drugs and violent crime to finishing high school and learning about God’s plan for their lives, it is definitely a ministry set in place and led by God. 

Casa Gabriel vision - 

"To see youth at risk become successful Christian leaders in their home, church, community and world." 



I also stayed some weekends at Casa Adalia, a home for girls who have been rescued from human trafficking. This home has recently been stated by Casa Gabriel mission workers who saw a need in the community and began praying and working together to see how God wanted them to meet that need. I was required to help with education, provide meals, be a point of accountability, and share God’s love to these girls. Right now we are licensed to help girls age 18 and above, the age which they are required to leave other Foundations, run by Ecuador, which work with the police and rescue the girls though cannot give much long-term care. Adalia is Hebrew for “God is my refuge”. The home is meant to be a place of healing, hope, and discovering God’s all-encompassing love for those who have been trafficked. 

Sonnet Medrano, 

Missionary to Ecuador 2012-2019



sonnet with the boys of casa GABRIEL


sonnet with one of the casa gabriel boys who graduated this year