"Making much of God, making disciples of Jesus" - (more details are here!)

Statement of Faith

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Church Covenant

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Our logo

The cross in the O is a continual reminder for us of an essential reality. The O represents us as followers of Jesus Christ and the cross represents Jesus. Together they remind us to be living a Cross-Centered life.

Leadership structure

  • Elders - men who guide the direction, guard the doctrine, and shepherd the Church.
  • Deacons - members (both men and women) who serve the church in various capacities
  • Staff - various leaders who are paid


At Terranova Church, we seek to have our every attitude and action to be characterized by both truth and love. These are the rails on which we ride. By "truth" we mean both the bedrock of God's Word as well as being honest and authentic with one another at all times. By "love" we mean as explained in the Bible--encouraging and comforting, but also characterized by accountability and discipline.

We gather for worship at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday  in Georgetown, Texas. Our building is located at 5060 E State Highway 29. Everyone is welcome and you are encouraged to dress comfortably.

Hang around Terranova Church for just a little while and you will undoubtedly come across the ubiquitous llama. Over time the lovely llama has become somewhat of a mascot for Terranova.

Okay, you want the full story? Years ago we were planning special event that would involve multiple bands playing while many people were able to work on various art projects. We had come together to decide what we would call this worship/arts festival. Someone noted that it was challenging to name because it was sort of an anomaly. Brook Hampton, who served on our Servant Team at that time, responded with, "Then why don't we call it Anomaly?" At least that is what she meant to say. Her tongue got tied and it came out, "Then why don't we call it Alamaly?" Which for some reason led us into several minutes of chasing the fun idea of calling the event Llama Fest and other things, none of which caught on. Nevertheless, it became a running joke to reference a llama here and there and before long, we had our own beloved mascot in the quirky llama. So when you see the llama, enjoy a smile as we are a church that can laugh together...but careful, they spit.