Kyle Cheatham first moved to Georgetown in 1998, it was to serve as Minister to Students at First Baptist Church. After three years in that role, then FBC pastor, Jim Haskell challenged Kyle to start a church that would have a special heart for university students and young singles. Through prayer and Scripture, God called Kyle to take that step of faith. Our first Terranova worship service was on September 9, 2001. For five years, we met in the worship center of FBC, then in August of 2006 we moved to the facilities of the Georgetown Evangelical Free Church and began two back to back evening services.

On January 14, 2007 we began our first morning worship service ever and it was at City Lights Theatres in Georgetown. For the next few years, we continued to have an evening worship service that targeted university students and young single adults. In January of 2009 we added a second morning worship service at City Lights and now these are our only services. 

Along with our morning services on Sundays, we have classes for kids, youth, and adults at 10:30 a.m.

Over the years we've transitioned from a simple circular structure of leadership with a pastor-led leadership team comprised of volunteers to our current structure where we are an elder-led, congregation-ruled church with elders, deacons, and staff.

We've gone from having only one pastor as a paid leader, to now also having five part-time people on staff as well as many wonderful volunteers. Though at one time we had three full-time pastors on staff, we have taken a step back in personnel so that we can take a big step forward in building our own building.

It’s been great to see God move throughout our history. We challenge you to consider being a part of His plans for our future.